Welcome To Key Largo Fisheries: Market, Cafe, Bait Shack, And Marina

Key Largo Fisheries is located just 60 miles south of Miami in beautiful Key Largo, the northernmost of Florida’s Keys. Inside and out, you’ll find a unique experience that can only be found in the Florida Keys, and in particular, Key Largo. What makes Key Largo Fisheries such a one-of-a-kind destination for your next trip to the Keys? Continue reading this post from our blog to learn more!

Top-Notch Seafood & More In The Backyard Café

Those that have visited Key Largo Fisheries will all tell you the same thing: the seafood is unmatched. We’re one of the highest-reviewed restaurants throughout the Florida Keys, and that’s saying something. Enjoy a smorgasbord of different kinds of fresh, Florida seafood in our Backyard Café. To get started, we recommend the Appetizer Combo, which offers the perfect selection of delicious, fried seafood. Our appetizer combo comes with 3 Coconut Shrimp, 4 Conch Fritters, and 4 Dolphin fingers. This means it’s perfect to share among the whole family!

When it comes to entrees we’ve got something for everybody. From classics like the Whole Fried Snapper paired with Black Beans and Rice, to twists on old favorites like the Lobster BLT or the Cuban Mahi Sandwich. And of course, for those that aren’t fans of seafood (what are you doing here anyway?!), we have a selection of chicken dishes. Our Chiptole Chicken Wrap or our Caesar Salad are a few of our favorite picks. If you decide to have lunch or dinner at our Backyard Café, we know you’ll leave satisfied.

Shop Fresh Fish, Crab, Lobster, And More From Our Old-Time Seafood Market

After your meal, you’ll be thinking: “I wish I could make some of this stuff from home, or even the hotel room!” We’re glad to tell you: you absolutely can! All of the food served in our Backyard Café is sourced from our very own old-time seafood market. Fishing boats pull up to our dock to unload their catch. Things like lobster, stone crab, and fresh fish are processed and placed directly in our ice-filled display cases. Take your pick, and we’ll package it so it tastes fresh-caught when you get back to your house or hotel room. Key Largo locals have been shopping at Key Largo Fisheries since 1972 because it’s the freshest fish you can get in the Keys – and likely the entire state of Florida. There’s a reason that many of the Florida Keys’ and Miami’s top restaurants buy their seafood directly from us!

Get Your Hands On The Best Bait In The State At Our Bait Shack

We wouldn’t be a fishery without selling high quality, and affordable fishing bait! That’s right – after you’ve eaten, and picked out your seafood from the market, you may be still wondering: “How can I catch some of this delicious seafood myself?” Well, lucky for you – we’re located in the Keys! Get your hands on some of our Just Rite rigged Ballyhoo or any other kind of a bait we offer. Then, hop on a boat or get your line wet from a bridge to catch some of the hardest fighting, and best-eating fish that the United States has to offer. Our Just Rite bait is asked for by name from locals from all around the Florida Keys.

Dock Your Boat Or Fuel Up At Our State-Of-The-Art Marina

Apart from the Backyard Café, the Seafood Market, and the Bait Shack, we also offer a state-of-the-art Marina. Our Marina is located in a protected basin known as Lake Largo. Just 60 miles from Miami, it’s easily accessible by boats of all sizes. We’re located due south of John Pennekamp, which is one of the premier diving and fishing spots throughout the Florida Keys. Get your hands on quality fuel or diesel, pick up some bait and a sandwich, and get back on the water! We’re the most conveniently located Marina in Key Largo. To learn more about the Key Largo Fisheries Marina and our availability, please call 1-800-432-4358.

Come For The Food, Leave With A Couple Of Lobsters And A New Place To Park The Boat

Key Largo Fisheries is your number one choice for a delicious dining experience, seafood market, bait shack, and marina in Key Largo. If you’re looking for an authentic Florida Keys experience, look no further than Key Largo Fisheries Market, Cafe, And Marina. We’ve been providing a taste of the Florida Keys since 1972. To learn more, give us a call at  1-800-432-4358 or contact us online.

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