Did you know that the Florida Keys has the largest and freshest selection of seafood in the entire state? Especially when it’s purchased from Key Largo Fisheries, where everything that’s sold in our Backyard Cafe and Seafood Market is caught and bought locally. The Florida Keys really is a seafood lover’s dream, with a number of highly sought after dishes being readily available on the islands. Local favorites like Conch and Hogfish are delicious and unique, while more well-known species like the Florida Lobster and Stone Crab can also be purchased in the area. When shopping for fish in the Keys, you can rest assured that the freshest seafood on the islands can be found at Key Largo Fisheries.

Shellfish Of The Keys

Shellfish are some of the most sought after seafood in the world, and there’s no shortage of the good stuff at Key Largo Fisheries. From one-of-a-kind conch fritters in our Backyard Cafe to full Florida lobsters purchased at our Seafood market. Keep in mind – the most sought after shellfish is protected by harvest seasons put in place by the FWC.

Applicable seasons are as follows:

  • Stone crab: October 15th through May 15th
  • Florida lobster: August 6th through March 31st

Unless you’re eating Stone crab or Florida lobster in season (or very close to the end of the season) – it’s not fresh! When you shop at Key Largo Fisheries, you can rest assured that you’re getting your hands on the freshest seafood in Florida.

Fish Of The Keys

Apart from delicious, sought after Shellfish, the Keys is also ripe with a number of good-eating fish. All of the fish we sell can be caught in the area. But, if you want to skip the tough work of a targeted catch, head over to Key Largo Fisheries. We have a wide selection of fresh fish that is locally sourced from the waters of the Keys. One of the most popular fish purchased from our Backyard Cafe is Mahi-Mahi. Also known as the Dolphinfish or the Dorado, the Mahi-Mahi is world-renowned for its mild flavor that makes it great for a number of uses. Tacos, quesadilla, sandwiches, fish sticks, and more are made with Mahi-Mahi.

For those that want to do the cooking themselves, our Snapper selection is constantly flying off the shelves. Snapper is such a delicious fish that preparing it at home is a snap. Simply apply your favorite blackening seasoning, some butter, and lemon, or even fry the fish whole. When it comes to a big, delicious snapper, it doesn’t get much better than fresh-caught from Key Largo Fisheries.

Experience A Taste Of The Keys At Key Largo Fisheries

Key Largo Fisheries has the widest selection of fresh seafood on the Island. Looking to sit in for lunch or dinner at our Backyard Cafe? Or maybe bring a big old snapper home to cook yourself? Key Largo Fisheries has got you covered. Additionally, we have a wide selection of shellfish like shrimp, conch, stone crab, Florida lobster and more. Get the freshest Seafood in the area when you shop with Key Largo Fisheries. Give us a call at (800) 432-4358 or contact us online to learn more.

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